Ends on June 1, 2018

Pre-production Grants

A maximum of (6) grants of $5,000 each will be awarded to projects in the pre-production phase at one June deadline each year.

Appropriate Use of Funds: Pre-production funds may be used for research, travel, location scouting, script or storyboard development, experimentation with shooting picture and sound, distribution planning, fundraising, creating a trailer, and schedule and budget development.

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to read the LEF Moving Image Fund guidelines on eligibility requirements and funding criteria and to contact the LEF New England office to determine eligibility and level of interest prior to submitting a pre-production application.

Application Deadline

  • Friday, 1 June 2018 - 11:59pm
(Notification of award decisions will be sent by June 30)


Interested applicants should submit a completed form (click on the Submit button below) with required attachments. 

Note: Please keep descriptions brief.

Application Checklist

The application form asks for the following information:

  • Applicant Contact Information
  • Fiscal Sponsor Contact Information
  • Project Title
  • Project Website (optional)
  • Estimated Running Time
  • Log Line (Suggested Length: Approximately 2-3 sentences)
  • Story Summary/Synopsis (Suggested Length: Approximately 1-2 pages)
  • Artistic Approach  (Suggested Length: Approximately ½ page)
  • Topic Summary/Relevance (Suggested Length: Approximately 1-2 pages)
  • Project Stage and Timeline (Suggested Length: Approximately 1 paragraph)
  • Key Creative Personnel (Suggested Length: Approximately 1 paragraph/short bio - approximately 50-150 words - each)
  • Distribution and Marketing Strategy (Suggested Length: Approximately 1 paragraph)
  • Intended Audience (Suggested Length: Approximately 1 paragraph)
  • Audience Engagement and Social Impact (IF APPLICABLE)(Suggested Length: Approximately 1-2 paragraphs)
  • Fundraising Strategy and Grant Impact (Suggested Length: Approximately 1 paragraph)
  • Funding to Date (Potential, Pending, Secured)
  • Amount Requested / Grant Impact (Suggested Length: Approximately 1 paragraph)
  • Budget Upload
  • Work Sample Information and Link
  • Previous LEF Support Information. If you are a previous grantee, please make sure you have sent a final report on your last funded project to LEF Program Director Sara Archambault at sara@lef-foundation.org. The final report form is here.

Work Sample

  • Please submit up to 10 minutes of sample footage from the current project for review. If your sample is longer than 10 minutes in length, please specify which 10 minutes the jury should prioritize when viewing. If you don't specify the time segment, the first 10 minutes will be reviewed. The sample can include research footage, character sketches, rough edited scenes, and/or a trailer. Sample work should be submitted via a DOWNLOADABLE Vimeo link or on a DVD (clearly labeled with the applicant's name, date, and title of the work). Send DVDs to the LEF Office at LEF Foundation, PO Box 382066, Cambridge, MA 02238. You may also supplement this current work sample with a sample from a completed past work for review, if relevant to the style or execution of the current project. Please complete all fields per work sample. Any DVDs must arrive in the LEF office on the deadline.

Additional Materials to Submit

In addition to filling out the application form, you will be asked to submit the following:

  • (Required): Budget Form: A two-page budget for your project that indicates total costs for pre-production, production, and post-production. Please show which line items will be covered by LEF funding. You may use your own budget form and/or the LEF Budget Template here
  • (Required) One copy of fiscal sponsor organization's 501(c) 3 letter of tax-exemption status from the IRS
  • (Optional) Supplementary Material: The resumes, filmographies, or short bios of key creative personnel and/or relevant press clippings or PR material you would like to share about the film, filmmaker or subject matter of the film
IMPORTANT - You may begin filling information on the submission form, leave and return later as many times as necessary to complete the form. However, you must hit the SAVE button at the end of the page before leaving. ONCE YOU SUBMIT THE FORM YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT YOUR APPLICATION INFORMATION OR SUBMITTED FILES.

There is a 21 day limit on saved applications, which can be refreshed each time you re-save your application.

We recommend drafting and saving your work in an offline file, in case you encounter any issues when saving your work online.
Trouble submitting? Contact Submittable at support@submittable.com or 855.467.8264.
Proposal Questions? Call Genevieve Carmel at LEF New England 617.492.5333 or email gen@lef-foundation.org.
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